Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

The nutritional value of snacks and Spanish tapas

Normally the nutritional values ​​of food are found in lists and tables for each individual feed. But the reality is that much of what we eat is composed of a large variety of ingredients and often is not easy to guess which consists, for adding different macronutrients in the proportions we suspect they may have. This situation is more pronounced when eating away from home and if some complexity dishes. As, for example, with tapas and snacks that make us famous throughout the world and we can try in any bar, restaurant or cafe.

The Spanish Nutrition Foundation has published an interesting document that can help us in the nutritional knowledge of this delicious tradition. This is the guide "The nutritional value of the snack: Top and beer," which gives us detailed information on many of the most popular tapas: Anchovies with cheese, bacalao al pil pil, flags, tripe, chorizo ​​in cider, croquettes, shrimp, pork with turnip tops, lean, crumbs, sausage, paella, tumaca bread, wrinkled potatoes, patatas bravas, fried fish, stuffed peppers, mushrooms, octopus, gazpacho, taco, sobrasada and zarajos. From this link you can download the full pdf.

Impressive list and interesting information.

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