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Frying food is not bad or unhealthy

Climbing stairs every day can improve your health
Those who live on a high floor and no lift, install one dream to help them get on and off effortlessly. Those who already enjoy it, can not imagine what life would be without him and probably a bad time of cracking occur, when it breaks for a few days.

Although we may have to shift the focus and be lucky to not have elevator or damage to them. The study Training effects of short bouts of stair climbing on cardiorespiratory fitness, blood lipids, and homocysteine ​​in sedentary young women participants concluded that climbing a lot of stairs every day improved aerobic fitness by 17% and lowered their LDL (cholesterol bad) 8% in eight weeks.

A quick and convenient way to exercise, do not you think?

Added: If you want more ideas on how to improve their health by using stairs, you can read "HIIT and stairs: A proposed high performance aerobic exercise."

 HIIT and stairs: A proposed high performance aerobic exercise.
Following the previous post, we will see an interesting proposal HIIT exercise, ie exercise in high intensity intervals (click here if you do not know what or read the book "What the science says slimming ... "), a very effective option almost without leaving home. In 15-20 minutes you have completed training session magnificent. You just need a decent amount of stairs, ie, a building that has a minimum 6-8 floors.

    Heat 5 minutes, as it does when you go for a run. Take the elevator to the top floor which has been established as "meta". A 5th or 6th is a good choice for the first time, if it makes some exercise.
    Leisurely walk down in 1-3 minutes, ladder stairs.
    Upon arrival down, turn around and climb as fast as you can to the top, the "target floor". This step should "suffer" enough, if you notice it does not require too much effort, try to do it faster, add more floors or taking the stairs two at a time.
    Repeat steps 2 and 3 four to six times. If you can not complete four sets, reduce the number of steps taken as "floor target" a lower one.

Just do not try to do when you have too many neighbors, lest it be taken for a crackpot ...

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