Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Frying food is not bad or unhealthy

One of the pending issues in the Mediterranean diet is the use of vegetable oil for frying. The fried food does not have a good reputation and are considered responsible for many nutritional evils: Obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer ...

One of the most popular accusations is that they could be related to cancer: cooked at high temperatures generates various compounds for which there is evidence regarding its carcinogenic properties. Barbecue and grilled formulas seem most likely to take full responsibility, but the fried were not free of suspicion, since the high temperatures reached and reuse of oils are factors that can not be dismissed as potentially dangerous .

To the relief of those who often enjoy sauteed and fried, just published in the prestigious BMJ study "Consumption of fried foods and risk of coronary heart disease: Spanish cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study", in which followed more than 40,000 adults conducted for 11 years, with the following result: No relationship was found between intake of fried with vegetable oil (olive or sunflower) and cardiovascular disease or mortality. That is, to eat fried is not bad for health.

Please, I must point out that they are not referring to the pre-cooked, but the fact fry an egg, fish or steak. Food "real" fried with vegetable oil quality, come on. The (usually frozen) precooked foods also tend to eat nutritionally fried in my opinion they could be considered as junk food because they usually have lots of added fat and low quality carbohydrates rapidly absorbed (coated, sugar, etc.).

A new myth that falls down, and go ...

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