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Junk food in school UK

Neverseconds, a blog of a girl, has been quoted in numerous media and visits has been flooded because it teaches what they feed some Scottish school. As a picture is worth a thousand words, these are the pictures of the wonderful menu that has hung the star:

Spain, among the European leaders in childhood obesity
According to the study published in February, "Prevalence of childhood obesity in Spain: 2006-2007 National Health Survey" conducted by the Institute of Health Carlos III in Spain about one in five children is overweight, which becomes part the group of European countries with the worst values ​​in this index.

The highlight of the study, in addition to its negative result is that the differences between Spanish regions are very pronounced. Communities that have more obese children are the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, Valencia and Andalusia. And that has fewer overweight children are the Basque Country, Galicia and Madrid.

Both talk about the miraculous (and undefined) and Mediterranean diet is that it has more obese are Mediterranean communities ... We turn now to speak of the Cantabrian diet?

 What is worse for your health, do not exercise or obesity?
We all know that a healthy life is a function of many factors and that the more of these factors have in mind, the greater chance we have to enjoy it. Considering what lifestyle often required by modern society and the scientific studies linking mortality with the customs and behaviors, the four healthiest principles could consider the following: do not smoke, avoid stress, exercise and avoid obesity.

Focusing on the last two, which are related to the contents of this blog, and knowing it best fulfill both positions choose, which would give priority to, according to scientific criteria?

Hacierndo an assessment of the results, we could say that studies seem to lean in favor of exercise. As can be seen in the study "Long-term physical activity in leisure time and mortality from coronary heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, and cancer. The Copenhagen City Heart Study," those who have an intense physical activity in their free time show a life span of about 7 years older than sedentary people. And those with moderate physical activity almost five years. A big difference.

However, studies that obesity and mortality are related to do a more detailed, particularly in terms of the degree of obesity analysis. For example, in the massive study "Body-mass index and cause-specific mortality in 900,000 adults: collaborative analyzes of 57 prospective studies" concludes that from a BMI (body mass index) over 25 years reduced life, according to these values:

    BMI 25 to 27.5: 0-1 years
    BMI 27.5 to 30: 1-2 years
    IMC 30 to 35: 2-4 years
    IMC 40 to 50: 8 to 10 years

Furthermore, studies such as "metabolically Healthy Obesity and Risk of All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality" it has been observed that metabolically healthy obese (assessing blood pressure, HDL, diabetes, waist circumference, inflammation) have no hope life significantly lower than non-obese.

So if we have a very high obesity and want to improve our health, exercise beats overweight. But again, better both, of course.

 The Weight of the Nation: Revolution, marketing or repetition?
Tomorrow May 15 HBO premiered a documentary that is announcing with fanfare and is creating enough excitement. "The Weight of the Nation" (The Weight of the Nation) It is entitled and deals with the epidemic of obesity that is sweeping the US: two out of three Americans are overweight and one in three obese.

The TV station has set up a dedicated website in this direction, where information is available to warm things up: Under the striking subtitle "To win, we have to lose," we offer a trailer, the summary of each chapter and the ability to sign up follow the event through social networks, especially Facebook. The American Public Health Department has collaborated throughout the project, as can be seen in the information link.

The documentary, which looks like it has all the ingredients to attract enough attention and create controversy, is divided into four parts, tomorrow will be the first two parts and the next day the other two.

The question I ask myself is: Will all be another mega-campaign "What you need to do is eat less and spend more"? Will they make the same mistake? At first I read some promising thing. for example, this article from New York Times, the film's director says that "you can not think that everyone has lost willpower, clearly more powerful is happening." HBO, being a subscribed channel, presumed not to have advertisers and therefore, not been subjected to any pressure from the food industry. On the other hand, support materials downloadable from here or sites on like this, keep coming back as usual: lots of calories, lack of physical activity ...

Time we see him and discuss it calmly.

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